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Mersen Graphite - ISO-Molded Graphite Manufacturing


Our high quality ISO-Molded Graphite Manufacturing Services lead the industry. And with the installation of our new Isostatic Press, Mersen Graphite has the capability to manufacture billets up to 60 inches square and and Grade 2020 with sizes up to 12”x40”x80,” the industry’s largest size of isostatically molded graphite material available in the industry.

In addition to large size capability, Mersen Graphite also has the technology to manufacture ultra-fine grain, high-performance graphite for the most discriminating applications. Mersen Graphite also maintains a team of experienced application engineers available to discuss your exact needs and recommend the best materials to meet these requirements.

From large to small scale needs, we have the quality graphite to meet your needs. Our precision ISO-Molded Graphite is manufactured in many grades, all possessing unique properties designed for maximum performance in high-temperature settings. 体育买球平台登录手机



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